Write the right, dazzling, successful resume

You may not think that you need such an article that every small child can write a good resume. And maybe you’re right. But your ideas are likely to diverge from reality. Consciously try to think about how many times you’ve applied for the jobs you’ve chosen, how many times you’ve sent resumes and called offices. Now tell me how many times you received the coveted interview invitation email and how many times you were finally selected for a position. Use office administrator resume writing services.

Check out the basics

A correct resume does not necessarily and unconditionally contain grammatical errors. Check your resume three times in a row, check it in Word, take a break, and then check it again. Even the best resume will look stupid if it says “dusty” instead of “hardworking”!

In addition, your resume should contain general information about you: first name, last name, phone number, and email address. Usually, the address or age is also given. But don’t explicitly state your nationality, race, marital status, or number of children! Such information concerns only you, and any employer who needs the information you want may face legal action for discrimination.

What about photo?

Unfortunately, in many cases in the Czech Republic, the applicant is still asked to send a resume with a photo. If this is not a position that clearly requires a representational appearance, such a request is not only redundant, but also incorrect and unethical. The same is with age, which can also be omitted and which should not play a role in the selection. However, this is still a very common figure. If you are responding to an ad requesting these materials, be aware that this company will be old fashioned at best and discriminatory at worst.

Education and work experience

Now we come to the part where we talk about the golden mean. This is the center of your resume, the most important part! The general rules state that you must list all relevant work experience and your education in chronological order. You don’t need to mention primary school, all you have to do is start with secondary school (gymnasium, vocational school, etc.). As we mentioned earlier, you do not need to list all of your part-time jobs unless they are related to the position you are applying for. An exception may be the situation when you are just starting your journey in the labor market – in this case, it is still better to have at least some experience than nothing.

Computer, language and other knowledge

If you have any knowledge that is not a direct result of your studies or work experience, it is helpful to mention it separately. This usually indicates how many languages you speak and at what level or how you manage computer programs. If you can do more, don’t worry and throw it in there!