Sunil Manj: Story of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship can be a tough and long journey for many people. Some get lucky and succeed. The courage behind their success is remarkable.

“I have learned from my failures more than my success. “-Sunil Manj

Sunil Sarfraz Manj is the co-founder and chairman of Pakwheels. He is also the director of  Pakistan General Merchandising Company (PKGMC) and managing director at Illusion-Gift Store. He proves himself as a mastermind of Pakistani used car industry due to his passion for cars. Suneel Munj eats, drinks and sleeps cars 24/7, 365 and knows all the supercar owners across Pakistan. He often says that he can feel the pain of an unmaintained car on road.

Sunil Manj started himself from LUMS in 1998. He joined in B.Sc. with the batch of 2002. LUMS was offering “KHOKHA” (a small shop) and a superstore to their students to inculcate the entrepreneurship at that time. So for the first time, Sunil Munj availed that option and started running that KHOKHA. After that, he promoted himself from KHOKHA to the superstore.

The main thing in the life of Sunil Manj being an entrepreneur is PakWheels. He started PakWheels in 2003. Initially, he thought that it is not more than a hobby. After that, he realized that it can be built as the largest marketplace in Pakistan for unused cars.

The ups and downs are part of every business. In an interview, Sunil Manj told the story of his early days that their fellows start earning a salary of six-figure after graduation and he was still thinking about the survival of this career. The only thing on his mind that he has to try and he has to be pivoted to that journey that he started. Failure is the best teacher. You always can’t get the right for the first time. We often think that a man having success might get some shortcut is his life.

Creating a remarkable classified business in Pakistan is not easy. So every entrepreneur must think that work hard, sacrifice and stick to their journey are the main keys to the success of any business and that is the main thing that can be learned from the story of master entrepreneur Sunil Manj.