Business on flowers: how does the paper decor studio work

This is Christin, who spends a lot of time creating these flowers from paper. And she does it all the time, it’s her passion. She sits up nights making another composition, and thinking about the concept of a new bouquet.

As she says

I found my happiness, Most days and nights, I let my imagination run wild for my next flower idea

She grew up surrounded by creative people and her love of making and creating, became a part of her.

As a result, she is now the owner, creator and designer of her flowers. Every day she is looking for new opportunities, new ideas, and expanding her business. Optimizing her work, trying to make it even more profitable and unique. And the flowers are truly unique, each one made with her own hands. She compares herself to a mad scientist who spends many sleepless nights creating goods and working to achieve her goals in life.

Well, of course, it’s not just a matter of wanting to make money, because it’s impossible to make yourself work that way if there’s no real pleasure in the process of creation. Maybe about it too will write an article if you will be interested.

She shares her knowledge and experience, conducting workshops for other people who are interested in “the magic of creating flowers from paper.

What began as a hobby, has grown into something more. Her flowers are used in endless weddings and events, and she often uses Paper Flower Templates. With sleepless nights, she creates not just a flower, but a feeling for the bride and guests at the wedding. She creates a special mood and charm for the evening for her guests. Her clients end up immersed in a fantasy – a magical garden filled with hundreds of flowers of different colors. And it comes from a small amount of paper and passion. I have the impression that I am advertising it. No, not on this site. So let’s see what she ends up with. Something like, you can do with your own hands, and alone:) And sell it for more than $100.

The choice of colors and coloring is huge, whatever the customer wants, and really, it’s paper.

Paper – cardboard, heavy(dense) cardboard, stem – wire, floral wire + handmade passion.

The main tool in my work is a cutting plotter. In fact, it was the most important expense. At the time I started, it cost $300-350. The plotter allows you to make the paper petals for flowers perfectly flat and clear, which makes the work much easier. There was also spending on the bulk purchase of paper. For example, today one sheet of the right paper costs 4 Belarusian rubles. If it is 20 sheets of paper, it’s 80 rubles. A huge investment, which I had not planned, was my own business training: how to set up business processes, how to build sales, attract new customers. In 2019 I spent $400 on one sales training course alone. But I have no regrets, because training is an important investment in myself.

What do you think of the idea of paper flowers?