What flowers to choose for a birthday

Birthday is not only a celebration of childhood, but also a great occasion to gather with friends, relatives and work colleagues. A mandatory attribute at such an event is a flower arrangement created specifically in honor of the birthday man. There are many nuances of the right bouquet in such cases – this is the age of the hero of the occasion, and gender, and status, and profession. What kind of flowers would be appropriate at this celebration of life, if we take into account some features of the selection of a bouquet? We turned to the specialists of the flower delivery service in Ukraine “Rose of Poltava” to share useful tips with you.

  • For Mom. There are no restrictions here – the main thing is to know the preference of the dearest person. And win-win options will be roses, peonies, lilies, chrysanthemums. These are fragrant and strong flowers that will emphasize your love and affection for your mother.
  • For the father. The so-called “male” flowers are dahlias, gladioli and carnations. Bouquets with them will help you express your gratitude to the person who raised and educated you.
  • For a sister. Here it is important to “guess” with age. Young girls will undoubtedly like daisies, alstroemerias, roses. For older women, choose compositions of roses, irises, asters, decorative sunflowers. For ladies of Balzac age, mono-bouquets of noble flowers are ideal – callas, orchids, lilies.
  • For grandmother. In this case, it is worth considering that not all women of this age love modest and discreet bouquets. Active individuals will be happy with burgundy buds. Yellow flowers should be given to those who like to do home comfort. And young grandmothers can be pleased with purple compositions. A universal option will be a bouquet of white roses – this is what absolutely everyone likes.

Gerberas, azaleas, orchids, daisies, chrysanthemums – these and many other flowers, presented from the heart, will be a great addition to the birthday gift, bringing moments of joy to the holiday.

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