Sound Cloud To Launch A New Feature?

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution and music streaming website and mobile application. It is a Berlin-based company that allows its users around the globe to upload, promotes and enjoy music.

SoundCloud has currently 40 Million registered users and 175 million unique monthly listeners. Despite massive users, the application failed to compete with its competitors. As the music streaming applications and website replaced the physical albums as a primary source of music consumption. Yet SoundCloud couldn’t pace up with the quickly growing industry. And is still dealing with some major issues.

Thanks to the current CEO Kerry Trainor since last summer. Some massive improvements were made to the company. Kerry figured out the issues of the company was facing and have already started working on them.

SoundCloud Weekly Is Here

SoundCloud has recently launched their new feature on Monday called SoundCloud Weekly. It would an algorithm-driven playlist that would be shown on your homepage under the “discovery” tab. On the basis of the user’s preference of the music and artist, the SoundCloud will suggest the list of music to its users. And the algorithms will update the list of the tracks on weekly bases.

The feature is similar to what Spotify introduced in their application 3 years back in 2015 under the same tab named “discovery”. They grew too fast due to their this feature. Spotify experienced an exponential increase in the users after the release of the discovery tab feature in the application.

SoundCloud has experienced many structure and user interface redesign and many new feature implementations under new CEO Kerry Trainor. The company is still dealing with the copy infringement issues. SoundCloud indeed has some 180 million tracks, which is four times Spotify’s 35 million and Apple Music’s 45 million. Anyone can post any track on his account without being justifying the authenticity of the content he/she is uploading. And have millions of view on it. The company is now working on the removing those content which lies under their terms and conditions of copy infringement.

We expect to see many improvements to the platform and the company will surely work on the weak areas. Our strong hopes are with the current CEO Kerry Trainor.