No HD video with Pocophone F1 ?

Previously the tech stories did a complete review on the camera sensation Xiaomi Pocophone F1. But we have recently encountered a major problem with the phone. Despite an excellent hardware and duel rare camera. And especially a phone to provide this much feature in a budget is highly commendable.

While using the new Xiaomi Pocophone F1 it was observed that the phone is unable to stream HD or HDR videos. Yes, you heard it right the Xiaomi F1 has neglected their emphasis on the HD or HDR videos. It was observed while using the Pocophone F1 that it doesn’t support the HD or HDR streaming video, especially for Netflix. You can only stream the videos in 540p resolution.

No HD or HDR Videos On Pocophone F1

Technically speaking the Pocophone F1 lack to deal with DRM. DRM is Digital Right Management. it is a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works. DRM technology tries to control the use, modification, and distribution of copyrighted work. It is basically the technology to protect the content on the live streaming website like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu. There is a complete set of technology or hardware and software that is needed to decrypt these encrypted content.

It is not that you cannot watch content on Netflix or any other website that use DRM for content protection. You simply cannot enjoy the HD or HDR version of the content with Pocophone F1. To encrypt these type of content the device requires Widevine CDM L1 whereas the Pocophone F1 have Widevine CDM L3. L1 means a device has full Widevine support, while L3 means only partial compatibility. Moreover, this is not something that can be upgraded with the software update. For Pocophone F1 to support DRM encrypted content. there need to be some hardware changes.

Concluding, even if you can only watch the videos in 540p on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or similar platform. The video quality results are pretty satisfactory. Moreover, you can enjoy 1080p videos on Youtube. The price tag of the phone justifies the feature this phone provides. This feature can not be a turn down for a normal person but it can affect someone who loves to watch content on Netflix or similar platforms.