Samsung Galaxy Note S9- The Second Best camera Phone?

Samsung recent launch Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has made to the global tech news. Yes, the phone got its mark to the world’s second best camera phone by DxO. DxO an online benchmarking website for smartphone cameras. DxO has recently rated Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as the second best camera phone in the world giving it the score of 103.

Samsung recently launched the new generation of their Galaxy Note on 24th August. The phone just releases and nearly within a month the phone is in the top ranking of the best camera phones in the world. Better battery, better graphics, better features, the phone is loaded with extraordinary features.

Here is an official introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is IP68 Certified Android smartphone that functions on Android 8.1 Operating System and is powered by an Octa-core. It was a little heavier than the previous generation, weighs about  201 g. Another personal drawback to the phone for our team would be the glass back. The fingerprints on the back of the phone look a little ugly but none the less, it can be managed by using back covers. These days awesome covers are available in the market, which is capable of protecting your phone from damaging and also increases the looks of the phone.

Key Features Of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Note 9 is loaded with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845(The latest Chipset available in the market).  The smartphone is loaded with 512 GB internal memory with a slot for external memory, which is capable of supporting up to 512 GB. Who just don’t love extended memory slots. Discussing the display and touchscreen of the phone. The phone is built with a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with a super 16 color display. The front screen of the phone is Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

The competition in the smartphone markets is getting pretty high and that is the reason why Samsung is now focusing on every expects of its phones before letting it reach the market. Samsung recently acquired Harman for $8 Billion to improve the capabilities of their handsets. Another big introduction that Samsung made to their this generation was the partnership with Fornite. Samsung introduced liquid Cooling technology, especially in this smartphone.

S Pen

Another feature that Samsung provided in this phone was their S Pen. S Pen is loaded with 4000 level of pressure sensitivity. It is not just a pen to control your touchscreen. It was more than that. You can control your music with your pen. The pen is loaded with 4000 Level of pressure sensitivity as mentioned before. It is an ideal tool for the right people. Like sketch artists, architects, designer and many more.

Audio System

Samsung hasn’t disappointed its customers with this phone. Samsung has also improved their sound quality in this phone. Even the place and the design of speaker is also updated, which gave way better audio experience that the previous one. It provides a base to the original music. The placement of the fingerprint scanner has also improved in this generation of Samsung Note. Although the rectangular shape of the fingerprint scanner is a bit irritating none the less it is Samsung.


Last but not the least the most stand out feature of the Samsung Note 9 is its camera. For the first time, Samsung has introduced the variable aperture F 1.5 or F2.4. New also is an intelligent camera system that uses AI to perform object recognition and detect blink, notifying the user immediately if a shot is blurry or any other issue. The super slo-mo mode that can shoot up to 960 frames per seconds giving a 720p result. 2x Optical Zoom provides extraordinary results even after maximum zoom. The aperture technology has made the phone stand out in its competitive list. The phone enables you to capture the maximum video quality result with 4K resolution. Lastly, the phone is built with a 4000mA battery which on books says that is capable of providing a backup of 97h. The Samsung Note 9 is available at $1000 around the globe.

Maybe the price range of the phone is a little high. But yet it is Samsung. Whatever the price range is you know that you would be provided with the quality.