Advantages of recruiting automation systems

1. All processes are now carried out in automatic mode

Automation makes it possible to reduce the amount of manual labor, save time and money, increase productivity in the company and increase the speed of decision-making.
You can automate such routine operations as posting job ads, reviewing feedback, and scheduling interviews with candidates. By doing so, the HR department will be able to focus on the more meaningful part of its work (building relationships with employees), but also reduce the organization’s costs.

2. Automation systems allow you to find more “quality” candidates

Artificial intelligence selects candidates according to the directions/requirements that the company sets, which will lead it to the goal. The use of recruitment systems allows to eliminate any biases in the selection of applicants, reduce the influence of the human factor and make recruiting as transparent and objective as possible.

3. Automation is beneficial not only for HR, but also for candidates.

Job seekers get a guarantee that their resume will definitely be reviewed. They will quickly receive feedback and a hiring decision, in case of a positive decision.

4. The system gives companies a competitive advantage

Especially in a pandemic environment, automation systems have provided great support for companies. First, they allowed them to attract valuable employees in different environments and streamline internal business processes. Second, they have helped companies that have moved to a remote work format.

Artificial intelligence allowed companies to use online tools to evaluate job seekers and will ensure a seamless recruitment process regardless of where the recruiter and candidate live.

5. The system allows every resume to be quality processed

The robot will not miss a single application, and will certainly look through every response, conduct an initial interview with the candidate and give him/her feedback. By using an automation system, the human factor can be avoided. Due to fatigue of workload HR-employee may accidentally miss a good resume or not invite a candidate for an interview due to personal animosity, prejudice.

Possible problems of the new system and their solutions

1. Lack of “live” interaction

Some job seekers and recruiters prefer “live” interaction. Automation can make candidates feel under-appreciated. However, the new way of recruiting has already proven to be effective. And now, especially against the backdrop of the current epidemiological situation, the remote format of work is gaining momentum.

2. Disadvantage for the older generation

Adult candidates are often not technically advanced, so for them going through an online interview can be a problem. However, the world is evolving, so companies rarely consider applicants who are not computer savvy. So chatbots are another way to weed out unsuitable candidates.