Personalised combat equipment

Combat belt lightweight

A Combat Belt is a lightweight piece of equipment designed to accommodate priority items of combat gear.

Combat belts, war belts, battle belts

Actually, battle belt is just a newfangled term for belt-type equipment, or simply put, belts with gear. Of course these days they are more comfortable and modular, but in principle not much different from the sling belts made from World War I or II. It is simply a belt, worn on the belt, often with shoulder straps, which has a set of pouches designed to carry on it the “tools” a soldier needs. And with the exception of improved materials, current combat belts have not really changed. This fact says a lot about the concept itself: the point is that it just works.

The Battle belt can be combined with various shoulder straps and braces (under the body armour), or with shoulder panels for 3, 4, 6 or more attachment points. The weight of the equipment and the combat load is evenly distributed across the shoulders and the lower back, thereby allowing the combat belt to be carried for long periods of time. This is facilitated by the belt’s comfortable and easily accessible adjustment system, the integrated anatomical cushioning, and the overall ergonomic layout of the product. In case of emergency (injury, falling into water, etc.), the modular weight belt can be taken off within seconds.

Shoulder straps (braces)

Even with an average weight outfit, low-profile braces can make a big difference in terms of comfort. I mean low-profile because, frankly, soft braces are not really necessary here, and we would like to be able to put armour or even a rucksack on top, if necessary. Normally, 4-point braces are preferred for most loads, but there are 2-point straps that attach to the belt at 3 and 9 o’clock for lighter variations.

Holster pouches

When it comes to versatility, panniers are fantastic. It easily accommodates magazines for most automatic rifles of all calibres and makes, as well as other ammunition such as smoke, flash bang grenades, etc. As an additional retainer for operations with significant concussion.

The modular cargo belt can be easily adapted to suit different missions, different soldiers and their personal preferences for the arrangement of the pouches. This includes also pouches of old type. The belt can be quickly and easily adjusted to the body even during the operation, i.e. not only at the base, but also during the long march, when changing overalls.

Dump pouch

“The ‘dump pouch’ can serve as more than just a place to place empty magazines. It can also be used as a utilitarian pouch for items needed for a mission or to quickly collect items found during an inspection.