Safety Requirements for Building Construction

The constructions sites usually become most dangerous places where the workers lose their lives. If your industry also has a construction site then you should take necessary steps to ensure safety. If the working place is not secure the workers will not become agreed to do work. So make your place secure for workers and let your industry expand and to make progress.

We have mentioned and discussed some safety measurements for the construction sites. Have a look at them and also try to follow these.

The most common hazards during constructions include,

  • Falls
  • Electric shocks
  • Trench collapse
  • Scaffold collapse
  • Failure in using proper safety equipment

For all these problems we have written the solutions for you.

Fall protection:

Each year many of the workers lose their life by falling from the higher constructing areas. The factors that are included in this hazard are unbalanced surface, slippery surface, not using the protective equipment.

You need to use the safe work platform, lifting ladder, aerial lift to get safe working surfaces to stand and also to place the necessary tools. Body harnesses can also be used while doing work at higher surfaces.


People use ladders as helping equipment but this becomes the source of injuries. The ladders are not anti-slippery and require proper gripping but most of the ladders fail in having the grip over ground resulting in the falling of the employees.

You have to choose the ladder that is anti-slippery and one that seems best for the related work. Always inspect it before using in the tasks because this may make you aware of all the defects in it. Completely clean it as any kind of dirt, or spill can make it slippery. But it any ladder is damaged or is not perfect to use then please mark ‘do not use’ on it.


 Trenching also becomes a reason for the loss of thousands of deaths every year. Try not to enter an unprotected trench, always use a protected way or mean for feet deep trenches.


Cranes can become hazardous if not inspected properly before bringing in use. The workers may become a victim of serious injuries if not have the proper training of using it.

Always know about the weight carrying capacity of the crane and don’t bring it into use if no professional has inspected it. Check the chains, hooks, and the wire ropes and don’t extend the weight than the capacity.

Personal Protection:

Workers should follow these instructions to ensure their bodily security.

  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from the entry of outer objects.
  • Make sure the use of safety helmets.
  • Repair the damaged wires that can cause electric shocks.
  • Keeping the electric wires away from the construction sites should also be considered.

Train the workers before using machines:

No one is best in any work without doing practice and training in that thing. The workers are also not. So they are required to provide proper training courses about the tools, machine, work platform, and the equipment used in the construction of any building.