Facebook Messenger Introduces New Boomerang Support Feature in Next Update

As we told you in our previous article about What’s App messenger new update PIP , now look at this new exciting upcoming update in Facebook messenger. Facebook announced that its Messenger app has been updated with a couple of new camera-centric features such as Boomerang support, selfie mode.

Moreover, Messenger users will be able to add AR (augmented reality) stickers in their photos and videos.

Facebook announced a big Messenger redesign to simplify its app a few months ago. Now Facebook announced it is adding two new camera modes and support for AR Stickers. The company said in a blog post on Monday.

“We’ve also added Selfie mode, where you can capture portraits of yourself or friends in Messenger’s camera”

There are now five different camera modes in Facebook messenger:  Normal, Video, Text, Boomerang and Selfie.

All these features make messenger a top-ranked app in terms of camera features. These new features are all part of Messenger app latest update which should roll out to most users globally in the next few days.

See the new features videos uploaded by Facebook:

Selfie Mode in Messenger Camera

Introducing Selfie Mode in the Messenger camera… perfect lighting ✅ perfect angle ✅ perfect moment ✅

Posted by Messenger on Monday, December 17, 2018


Boomerang in Messenger Camera

When you need an instant replay, use the new Boomerang feature in the Messenger camera to capture any moment on repeat