Add Wireless Charging to your Android Phone in just Rs 300 or $1.99

Wireless Charging feature is one of the most fascinating features of fancy and falutin’ phones. Wireless charging technology is not the latest technology.  This technology was first introduced in 2012 by HTC in one of their models HTC Droid DNA. The mobile handset was not a success and is discounted today.

Cheap and inexpensive mobile phones are very common these days. There are multiple companies now producing cheap android phones and additional accessories. These days wireless mobile charging is again getting popular. But it has now become an elite feature that is only provided in $1500+ expensive phones.

Now you can upgrade your phone from $200 to $1500 phone buy spending only extra money of $1.99. Cheap phones are providing everything, one can get in an expensive phone. Though the quality is low but who don’t want to have it all? 

Gearbest Wireless Charger Receiver is a wireless charging card that gets attached to your charging port and Voila!. Nothing to do next.



The wireless receiver is so slim and paper like that it can blend into your mobile case cover. And no one will notice that something is attached to your phone.

Try it yourself! Here are simple installation steps. It is Do-it-yourself. As simple as putting your mobile on charging i.e. connecting a data cable to your phone.

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