Airbnb VS Rental

Letting any stranger into your home doesn’t sound like the best idea for anyone. Neither letting yourself into the home of a completely strange person seems to be a good idea. But for the thousands or millions of people who remain in search of accommodation, using Airbnb isn’t just good but outstanding.

The company was launched in the year 2009 and is helping about 21,000 guests every year by giving them a place to stay. Here are some points that you must need to know about Airbnb.

Working of Airbnb:

 This is the online marketplace that let people rent out their spare rooms and their properties to guests. The company takes 3% commission from hosts at every booking and 6% to 12% commission from guests.

In rental services, there is an agreement is made for temporary using of any house or living space. In this, the traveler does not deal directly with the owner of the property however; there is always a middleman between the owner and traveler. Explaining more, Rental services refers to giving homes that are purchased by an investor but inhabited by the occupants on a rental agreement. 

Few benefits of Airbnb over rental:

Here are some benefits of using Airbnb due to which it is highly preferable to rental services. Have a look at them.

Airbnb provides more space:

If a family of four wants to stay outside in a hotel, they have to book a maximum of two rooms at high rates. But if the same family gets the Airbnb services, they can easily get a two or three-bedroom apartment at low rates. So Airbnb is giving you more space in fewer prices.

Airbnb provides Kitchen:

Airbnb provides kitchens to the guests to use according to their requirement. But on the other hand, there is no such facility in the rental services.

Better Amenities at Airbnb:

 Airbnb provides amenities that are much better than the amenities provided in the rental services. Even some of the rental services do not offer amenities. You can get canoes, kayaks, convenient parking, and private pool, better environment (TV, sound system, and premium channels) at Airbnb.

Better information by Airbnb owners:

 The information that you get from Airbnb owners is much appropriate than your expectation. Such useful information is not provided by the owners of rental services.

Airbnb has free Wi-Fi:

Having the facility of free Wi-Fi in Airbnb can make it the best service by the new generation. The facility of free Wi-Fi is not available in rental spaces.


If you are getting the Airbnb services, you will get complete flexibility for living. But on the other hand in the rental services, the owner can ask you to leave the living space at any time.

Review system:

The hosts and guests are allowed to give a review of Airbnb services. This helps other people in getting the right information and the experiences of people. But this kind of system is not present in the rental services. Thus the Airbnb is mostly preferred to rental services.

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