How to choose the right window shades and color

If your house is located in a noisy area and you always remain in search of the best thing for having privacy, protection from sunlight then you have to install the window shades to get the solution of this problem. Not only to protect the room from rays of the sun, or noise, are also means of decoration. But most of the people remain confused about choosing the right shades for their rooms. We will help you to choose the perfect shades for you. So keep in touch with the content till the last word.

While choosing any kind of shade you have to keep in mind the following things,

  • Privacy
  • Warmth and Light
  • Style and Material
  • Color

Keep privacy your priority:

If you are looking to have window shades for your bedroom, then you should keep privacy into consideration. Try to choose those shades which are darker and heavier so that the curious eyes cannot look through in your room. Light-colored and thin fabric cannot provide you complete privacy. If the shades having these specifications are drawn down, you will get a private environment along with the elegant style.

Light and Warmth:

The main reason for installing shades in your room may be the sunlight and warmth. Make those shades your choice which is made of sheer fabric and is dark in color. These will provide you complete privacy along with the light to keep your room look eliminated with the natural shine of the rays. Shades made of sheer are great especially for those who want to have light in their room in winter.

Styles and Materials:

Style is considered one of the main elements while choosing shades. Shades are mostly made of soft fabrics and can be easily rolled up and down according to your choice. For example, roman shades are made of slats and can be rolled up or unrolled anytime. These can be used as formal as well as informal ways and gives a soft look to your room.


It is the color that let the sunshine enter the room or not. But this sunshine can also fade the color of the fabric. If your room is at a place where there is direct contact of rays then you should use the light-colored fabric. This is so because the sunshine will not fade the color of the fabric as it will be already light. But if you install dark-colored shade then the rays will fade out the color giving your room a dull appearance within a few days. So try to choose the color according to the location of your room.

You can contrast the color of shade according to the furniture and the walls of your room. But having soft light-colored window shades can also provide a sophisticated look. And it will turn all the eyes towards the window of your room. Follow all these instructions or tips while choosing the shades for your living space.