Difference between blinds, window shades, and shutters?

You may be tired of having disturbed sleep in your room due to the rays of the sun entering your room. But we have found the solution to this problem. We are providing you the idea of installing shades, shutters, and blinds in your room to have a calm sleep. Window treatment comes in various types and each type is the sign of style and sophistication. These can highlight the look and turning all the eyes towards your room. You are also looking to have the best window shades treatment but are confused in deciding what to buy? Don’t worry we are here to provide you complete information about different types of window treatments. We will discuss the difference between different types of window treatments in this content.


Add some softer look in your room by using the stylish blinds in it. Blinds are the coverings at the internal side of the windows and come in a wide range of colors and designs. These are mostly fitted on the top of the window and can also set free to cover the window pane. Vertical as well as horizontal lengths are available that can be controlled with the help of ligature.

You can open the blinds according to your choice for letting the light and the air to come in your room. If it is summer then fully opening the blind can be the best option to prevent the harmful rays coming into your room. But if it is winter then you may open just half or less than half part. In this way, it will make your room cozy with the help of the rays of the sun.


  • A great variety is available in the design, fabric, and color. You can choose your favorite.
  • This type of window treatment occupies very little space.


  • The fabric of blinds may get dull or become faded with time.
  • They will require regular washing.

Window Shades:

Window shades can be raised or lowered as it just comprises of a single piece. But there do not have the movable slats. From last few years, the shades are speedily coming in trend and becoming more popular. Add elegance to your room by installing the window shades of various styles. Shades can be vertical, horizontal, inside-mounted, outside-mounted


  • Shades are so budget-friendly and available in many designs.
  • These are best to get complete control over light and sound.
  • Cons:
    Shades do not have any kind of movable slats.


Shutters can be used internally or externally on the windows of your room. Due to permanently-attached on the frame of the window, they give a sturdy look. If you are looking for one that can provide you privacy, security, with reduced noise then the shutters will be best in this regard. You just need a rod in the controlling mechanism. They swing away horizontally and opens immediately like a door.


  • As these are permanently attached, so are not required to be updated.
  • Having a rod operating mechanism makes this treatment best among others.
  • This is one in which you will not have to compromise on privacy and security. Shutters ensure complete privacy and also act as noise resistant.


  • Shutters can be more expensive than all the other types of window treatment.
  • They occupy more space than blinds.

Choose one from window shades, shutters, and blinds mentioned above and add style, beauty, and elegance in your room.